Dear Sir/Madam

on the West Australian Music compilation album "Demos from the Wheatbelt"

DEAR SIR/MADAM is a country influenced ballad recorded at the Cummins Theatre in Merredin with Rada Studios. In her new track, KELEA puts to music quotes from an emotionless, corporate “rejection letter” addressed to an unsuccessful mature-age candidate, highlighting the painful inequities of ageism and unemployment and challenging the listener to re-think the next time they press "send". A thought-provoking music video (written by KELEA) and directed by the multi-talented, award-winning Robert Woods completes the piece and was released on 30 August 2019. Filmed on site with sunlight beams pouring through the theatre windows and featuring the outstanding acting talents of Deborah and Kevin Tengvall from the Merredin Repertory Club, it is both poignant and moving. Listen below and subscribe to Kelea on Youtube.

Listen to the brand new track 'dear sir/madam' here